"Pure Rock""

TahoeRadio.Rocks is Classic Rock for South Lake Tahoe, its mountain high radio for Lake Tahoe. Bringing you the best in rock and roll and local programming serving you from Lake Tahoe. Dot Rocks brings you the best in rock music with the latest weather and information you need. We welcome you to listen with your computer or mobile device just click below to listen to us on your ipad, iphone or android device and please excuse our mess as we are in testing.

TahoeRadio.Rocks is now on Roku! We invite you to listen on Roku for free by visiting the Channel Store and using this code RXLV256, we thank you for listening to your favorite Tahoe Rock Station.

Tahoe Weather

    H: +74°
    L: +60°
    South Lake Tahoe
    Friday, 02 August
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